Nonduality and Therapy

Nonduality is a translation of the Sanskrit words 'Advaita Vedanta' which means 'not two'. This spiritual system aims to point people to the experience of Oneness or the unity of all Life, in their day to day life and cultivate a life free of suffering.

Once the aspect of 'Non-doership' begins to sink into the person's system on a deeper and deeper level, there often comes a stage of releasing of energies that were, at one time, repressed. The energies were repressed because, when they initially arose, there was insufficient psychological, emotional or environmental resources to fully process them, or it may have even been dangerous to do so (e.g. feeling anger towards a parent who was also your main source of survival as a young child). As a defence against feeling these emotions and energies/as a survival strategy, the energies were supressed and repressed. As an adapative, evolutionary response, this helps to maintain primary relationships that we depended upon for our survival.

However, now, they seep up from the unconscious to our conscious awareness and, when there has been sufficient witnessing capacity or 'presence' cultivated, the ground is fertile for the energies to now be metabolised, transmuted or liberated. This lightens the load of inherent suffering in the body-mind system and feels palpably different. There can be many layers of energies to be released, occurring in many separate episodes or people can feel extremely fragile and vulnerable as these layers begin to rise from their depths, to the surface. It can therefore be a confusing and sometimes scary (for the ego) period of time, during which many people benefit from some emotional support- often not available to them from their Nondual teacher. In fact, some teachers do not recognise this energetic shift and can respond in unhelpful or even un-empathic ways.

If this sounds like a familiar place for you right now, or you'd simply benefit from emotional support from someone who understands and lives from an experiential understanding of Nonduality, please do get in touch.

I understand, from experience, the difference that the right emotional support at this crucial time can make.

Hour long face to face/Zoom sessions are available
Investment: £60/ hr
Zara Eadie Counselling and Therapy