Mental Health during Lockdown


In the same way that you go out for exercise to keep fit and healthy, your mental health also needs attending to at this time. Here are some suggestions that may help you during quarantine.

1) Set a limit on the amount of time you are spending looking at the news and other media platforms. Once you have kept abreast of the current news, there’s no need to add further anxiety to the day by re-reading the same stories

2) Make sure you get fresh air if you are able to. Even the garden, if you are shielding, is a welcome scenery change from the house

3) Time together with the people in your accommodation as well as time alone is important. It can get intense being around the same people and not being able to get space from each other. If there are domestic issues, look at the government’s guidelines about living elsewhere

4) Talk about your worries or what you need from each other to support one another at this time

5) Use video conferencing platforms to connect or re-connect with friends and family, especially if you are isolating alone.

6) Use this time wisely. It is incredibly rare to have so much time at home; it could be used to explore new hobbies, get on top of the garden or create the dish you have always wanted to try

7) Make a list to give yourself some form of routine or structure to your day

8) Reach out to professional therapists if further support is needed. Many are still working online and can offer reduced rates if your income is affected

9) Be compassionate to yourself. If your inner talk is supportive and kind, your experience during lock-down will be much more pleasant than if you are berating yourself

10) For those with children, make sure each parent gets some ‘me’ time during the day. Your body/mind and your children will thank you for it

11) Really invest in good self care daily, no matter how small. For example take that extra 2 minutes to complete your skin care routine, have a bath or get an early night

12) Remember everything passes and this too will pass, circumstances will change and you can adapt. In the mean time, you are living through a piece of history…